"I am now in a position to give you a review of your product having used it (my chooks that is) for a few weeks now. It was easier to train them to use the feeder than I anticipated, knowing how skittish the chooks were when I got them. They have now settled in well, and as I am away a few days each week, I'm confident they will never starve and the weather will not affect the quality of the feed. Thanks a million for a great product - worth every cent it cost." - Donald McLeish - Victoria, Australia
"We love our Grandpa feeder and have cut our feed bill by half as we are no longer feeding hundreds of birds and worst still rats and mice." - Moira and Neil Landford - Queensland, Australia
"I have used a Grandpa's Feeder for nearly two years now. I am astounded by how efficiently it works. It has cut our layer pellet bill in half, and eliminated mice and birds eating any chook feed." - Alan Gray - Editor, 'Earth Garden' magazine and books - Australia
"Just thought I would let you know I am very happy with the feeder. It took a little longer to train some of our chooks (our Chinese Langshangs are very timid compared to our Isa Browns) The amount of food we are saving directly because the rats, mice, pigeons and sparrows can no longer get a free meal is staggering, it is already immediately obvious that probably 75% of the food was being consumed by rodents and pests before the feeder arrived. A couple of our girls (Barbarella and Henrietta) picked it up straight away and the others followed later. Definitely a good investment that I am sure will pay for itself in no time at all. Thanks again. I am glad I found you guys on the net." - Terry Anderson - Australia
"My name is Chris Scholz and I have one of the largest collections of Large Faverolles in Australia with all recognised colours being bred and several old colours being revived. This means that at breeding season time anywhere up to 15 pens can be used. A lot feeding as well! Your feeders have proved invaluable in this program. The sparrow population are very unimpressed and their numbers have reduced dramatically. The other very important benefit is the reduction in rats and mice. Hardly any sign of them at all. The reduction in all these vermin has had a two-fold-affect reduced feed costs and healthier birds. I am currently using 11 of your feeders with great success. The birds adapt to them very quickly. I have no hesitation in recommending these well built, robust feeders to all poultry enthusiasts. They save time and money whilst improving the health and conditions of your birds." - Chris Scholz "Kashmir Poultry Stud" - Australia
"Thanks for the feeder. It is fantastic. We are now just feeding our chickens and not the dozens of pigeons that were hanging out at our place. Cheers." - Alison and Jake Biram - Newport Victoria, Australia
"Your product has been so marvellous I am more than happy to help endorse it. I live in the middle of NSW and have silos all around my house. We experience mouse plagues on a fairly regular basis and this product saves me so much in both hygiene and money. Thank you again." - Sue Hewitt - Nyngan, NSW, Australia
"Just thought I would let you know how pleased we are with the chicken feeder. Our chickens are using it beautifully and the sparrows have to look elsewhere for a feed. I would happily recommend it to anyone!" - Glenda Haigh - Cosgrove South, Victoria, Australia
"Our family was lucky enough to win a Grandpas Feeder in the Weekly Times competition earlier this year. We were inspired to renovate our old chicken shed so that the building and run matched the professional appearance of the Feeder.Now we have everything installed and working beautifully and we are finding that our feed use has reduced by AT LEAST 75%. We feed organic feed so that adds up to quite a saving. No more megaflocks of India Mynahs! Thank you very much for providing the Feeder, we would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone." - Marina Stewart - Victoria, Australia
"An outstanding product ... I am only using a third of the food I used to and have stopped feeding the local wild bird population." - Peter - South Australia
"We just wanted to give you some feedback on our chicken feeder. It is the BEST thing. We are now back to feeding our 7 chickens instead of a thousand Indian mynahs. " - Kerri & Geoff Sanderson, Tyers - Victoria, Australia
"I purchased your chicken feeder last year. What a great invention and the best purchase I have made in a long time. Saves time, effort and money. The hens had no trouble working it out. Our chicken house had over a metre of water flowing though it in the May flood, it was simple to fill the feeder and move it and the hens to the high straddle, we did not have to worry about them until the water receded 4 days later. Cheers" - Di Ensbey - Lawrence. NSW, Australia
"Not sure if you remember me buying a large feeder from you a couple of months ago, and I asked if it would work with Muscovies. It does! I have two large drakes (bordering on 'mammoth', whatever exactly that means!) currently using it, NO problems, with NO alterations needed! It is so cute to see a 5kg drake put his foot on the platform to lift it. He only needs to put one foot on it. I have photos on my phone (it was the best I could do!) - are you interested in seeing them? Just thought I'd let you know. I figure if it works with 'the boys' it will work with the girls too, who are half the size!!! I recently put some fresh feed in. Sunflower seeds are still whole (not ripped to shreds from mice), no bird manure IN the feed, and the most that gets in it is earwigs - which are simply high protein feed for the boys! They now go through so little feed I wonder if they even eat, but I have the photo to prove it!" - Sarah Greenslade - Adelaide, Australia
"What a great product, I had problems like everyone, feeding every thing but the chickens. I set it up straight away and followed instructions (very easy). The chickens and I are more than pleased with the feeder. Really saves on the food bill already. Love watching them hoping on and off and the lid going up and down doesn't bother the chickens. Thanks for a great invention. I don't think it is expensive when in maybe round 9 -12 months if not less time it will have paid for itself. Great Thanks." - Sharyn Pearse - Victor Harbour, South Australia
"I have been frustrated for years feeding my local bird population and getting the associated bird lice problems that come with wild birds. Not only do we lose probably half of our feed to wild birds, it takes months for the chickens to start laying again after lice infestations. Your feeder has solved this problem." - Darrell Young - Narrabeen, NSW, Australia
"I thought you might be interested to know that we are very pleased with the new feeder. There is certainly a saving in the amount of food purchased as we are no longer feeding the sparrows. My two new Pekins were to first to ‘hop aboard’ but the oldies soon learnt which means you can teach an oldie new tricks!" - Henkrick and Lynnette Van Kerkwyk - Australia
"Dear Grandpa's Chicken Feeders, A note to let you know how pleased I am with my "chicken Feeder". I bought two from you earlier this year - one for me and one for my daughter. I must admit it took a couple of days for the chickens to work it out. I propped the feeder open while they watched me filling it. We've all had a lot of pleasure watching the big rooster putting one foot on the platform and "calling" his girls. I now feel free to leave home for a couple of days knowing the chickens are well fed (and the mice are starved). Thanking you for such a great invention (and thank Grandpa too)." - Daphue Matthew - Brookton, Australia
"Dear Grandpas Feeders, I have recently Purchased my fourth 'Grandpa's Feeder' and can highly reccommend them to anyone with poultry. I have two 'Grandpa's Feeders' in the Chook pen to feed twenty five chooks and also have one in the Rooster pen for my Purebred Roosters. I have just recently purchased my fourth feeder to put in an extra pen for breeding pairs, so thank you 'Grandpa's Feeders' for a great product and money well spent. I have saved so much money on food for my poultry because I haven't got any unwelcome birds & rodents eating the food." - Colleen Crowden - Tasmania, Australia
"Great feeder, had second thoughts about the price initially, but now I am absolutely convinced this is the best feeder on the market. Chickens happy, me happy, wildlife & mice very un-happy...." - John Mangan - Melbourne, Australia
"I highly recommend these feeders to anyone who has a chook or two or three or four or more! They stop mice and rats from eating the feed, are easy to use and it takes very little effort to train the chooks to eat from it. Very weather proof and the chooks always have feed. A very well built product that soon pays for itself. Thanks Grandpa’s Feeders." - Andrew Thomas Preston - Queensland