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Grandpa's Chicken & Poultry Feeders

A Grandpa’s chicken feeder will protect your chicken food from pests and weather. Our feeders have proved hugely popular and we stand by our products, offering a money back guarantee.
I have been frustrated for years feeding my local bird population and getting the associated bird lice problems that come with wild birds. Not only do we lose probably half of our feed to wild birds, it takes months for the chickens to start laying again after lice infestations. Your feeder has solved this problem.
- Darrell Young - Narrabeen, NSW, Australia

Please note: Price does not include postage and handling

Our Products

Large Chicken Feeder

$250.00 AUD
40cm (h) x
55cm (w) x
63cm (d)
18kg / 40lb
Will feed up to 12 chickens for 10 days.